User experience design

Withlocals Internship

At Withlocals I lost my internship-virginity, it was my first time.

On a more serious note, this was a Design internship where I worked on smaller day to day tasks like tweaking newsletters, documents & posters to bigger things like designing for the Withlocals website & app.

Besides working on these projects I had a project of my own, performing UX research for the Withlocals app and how to improve it. My goals were to make an overall better experience for the users. I gathered user feedback and performed competitor anylises to see what could be improved.

Examples of the research results were to add a wishlist to the app, so people can browse experiences and save some for later. And also to add an onboarding process consisting of a few screens, these screen had questions, to personalize the app experience thus making the experience for users more relevant.

Withlocals - homepage with wishlist itemsWithlocals - login stepsWithlocals - onboarding steps

One of the many other activities I did was this huge poster that we made and stuck on the window of our office during GLOW in Eindhoven because we were on the route.

Withlocals - window sitcker GLOW 1Withlocals - window sitcker GLOW 2