Graphic design

Withlocals - Illustrated Pattern

Here I got the assignment to create an big pattern with illustrated objects to be used as is shown in the mockups. I started with sketching a lot of different objects and then recreating them in Adobe Illustrator. The pattern can be duplicated up, down, left & right and will fit into eachother.

It can be used as a background in certain compositions to give it some more 'oomph', making them more interesting.

Withlocals - sketching 1Withlocals - sketching 2Withlocals - Illustration background pattern

We decided to print out bigger versions for the reception hall and window.

Withlocals - reception hall signWithlocals - reception hall window print

Withlocals - Potential Host Onboarding

The goal of this project was to create a step-by-step list for potential hosts to see. These people will apply through Facebook, where they get an automated e-mail wherein this will be attached as an image. The goal here is to educate them and manage their expectation, to make sure they know they will not become a host the next day and that will take some time.

As you can see I worked on sketching different layouts. The final version is chosen because of it being easy to read, it is easy to get an overview of all the steps at once and the visually simple, yet satisfying illustrations next to it.

Withlocals - sketching 3Withlocals - sketching 4Withlocals - sketching 5Withlocals - sketching 6Withlocals - infographic

Withlocals - Personal Offer Onboarding

This was an interesting project because most of the work was done, I just needed to translate the sketches and ideas to illustrations which I did in Illustrator. The lead designer had another important project to work on, so I picked it up and made a few iterations according to his feedback.

Withlocals - sketching 7Withlocals - sketching 8Withlocals - personal offer onboarding

Withlocals - Chinese Market Visuals

For the experiences that are live on a chinese partner website called Fliggy I created these visuals with chinese text. I worked closely together with a colleague of mine that helped me with translations and gave me important cultural insights to make it align with the chinese market as good as possible.

You can see them on their page inside of the chinese tourism website of Fliggy.

Withlocals - chinese graphic design 1Withlocals - chinese graphic design 2