Red Shed Gathering - First logo iterations

This is the student company me and 3 other students made for our minor where worked on 3 projects together each at a different company. Each one of us had our own unique specialties. As the only designer I worked on all of the visual aspects of projects, including branding for our company.

I started with creating an identity for our group by creating a logo.

You can see first variations down here and later versions as well, almost all of them include the 3 shapes that create Red Shed Gathering: Triangle + Square = Red Shed and the 4 circles (which later became one circle) stands for the team = Gathering.

Red Shed Gathering - first logo sketchesRed Shed Gathering - second logo sketchesRed Shed Gathering - first logo

Red Shed Gathering - Second logo iterations

I wasn't satisfied with the end result of the first iterations, it wasn't a strong logo visually. You can say it kinda sucks, because it did :)

During the second iterations I wanted to create a logo that was more modern, cleaner, stronger and still carried the hidden meaning that I came up with, with the first logo.

Red Shed Gathering - second logoRed Shed Gathering - third logo

Red Shed Gathering - Final logo

The end result. Cleaner, clearer, and still connected with the initial idea.

Red Shed Gathering - final logo