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Pots - Concept & MVP

During this minor my team made a fully working application that improved the life of people working in offices who sit behind their computers. The application's first version measured the posture, emotional state and stress levels. This was all done with the use of image recognition from the camera. Using this, it gave tips and suggestions to, for example sit up straight or relieve stress by pairing coworkers together for a walk or play ping pong.

The overall goal of this application was to improve office (mental)health.

My contribution to this was for the big part concepting & design.

Since my teammembers didn't have any experience in what I would call 'diverging & converging' concepting sessions, I organised a few in the first days of the project.

Pots - brainstorm 1Pots - brainstorm 2

I also made logo designs for our project group and the project itself. I designed the application and even programmed a decent amount of the front-end code.

With a fully programmed and designed first prototype I also performed usertests with people from the office we were working in, to improve the user experience of the overall app.

In the image below you can see the MVP.

Pots - interface

Here is a video in which you can see the process of the program.

Pots - Logo design


Here you can see the flow I went through with this particular logo. It happened quite quickly. I just started drawing a P.

The last P that you see, the blue one is the final logo. I added a 'dot' at that position because it now looks like someone who is doing a very flexible bend through his legs with his arms.

This fits because the concept is about maintaining a good posture.

Pots - first logo sketchesPots - second logo sketchesPots - final logo in the software