User experience design
Front End development

Orbit Studios - Company branding

Together with 20 other students I got the task of creating a company. This student company ended up being Orbit Studios where I took the lead in the branding of the company.

We started off exploring ideas with a few people, we explored and came up with ideas for: mission & vision statements, a logo design, branding guide, document templates, project poster designs, planning tool design & more poster designs.

In the end Niels Van Gils and I finished the branding together, here are the results.

Orbit Studios - logo color variationsOrbit Studios - final logoOrbit Studios - project posterOrbit Studios - personal picture poster

Orbit Studios - Website development

The website designs were made by Anika, which she also tested with a few people to optimize it. Afterwards I joined her in developing the website. You can view the website through this link: Orbit Studios

Orbit Studios - homepage