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Mindful Zorg & Beveiliging

A project that I happily worked on because of multiple reasons.

Firstly because I could work on a new website with my latest favorite tool, Webflow. Having worked a lot with Webflow already, but mostly for the same few companies and their websites it was a breath of fresh air to build a website for a new brand, which is the second reason I happily worked on this project. Another reason I liked to work on this project was the fact that it was my brother asked me to brand and build a website for his new company.

In short his new company provides security for hospitals, mental hospitals, institutions and more places in the (mental) healthcare industry. A specialized workfield within security that he sees needs more specialists. People who are not just big guys who can secure the safety of a perimeter or building, but who can secure the safety of patients and workers in the before mentioned places.

Check out the website here: www.mindfulzb.nl.

A screenshot of the Mindful Zorg & Beveiliging website

The first part of the website that you see when you go to the website. Unfortunately stockphotos were the only thing available at the moment. New (& real) images will be made soon ;)

Later I will describe the project in more detail, which decisions I have made and why I made them along the way.

Mindful Zorg & Beveilining logo

A clean, calm and still authoritive logo made for the situation security guards in healthcare find themselves in.

Sweater and shirt I made for Mindful Zorg & Beveiliging

My brother posing proudly with his new polo shirt and sweater his employees and himself can work in when on location. We think a white or at the least a lighter version is going to work out well, what do you think?