Fontys Pulsed

Interaction Design - Motion Design - Development

I have built the newly redesigned website of Fontys Pulsed, an exciting and innovative educational movement. The result is really something. I am so proud of it that words can't do it much justice. My suggestion is to go and have a look yourself.

Fontys Pulsed image grid of students and teachers in action

Check out the tiles on the landingpage of the website, behind each picture is a glitch sfx and a gif.

Work division

Together with three other people I have worked on this project. The project leader, brain & visionary of the project is Chirag Bhasin. Next up is Aukje Balmakers who used her innate creativity to give form to the ideas of Chirag and design the website. With the help of Chirag, the third member of the team, Nina Kooiker carefully picked and edited the images just right to complete the designs.

While all of that was happening I used my experience in creating websites to improve the designs only slightly and focus the rest of my energy to building the website. During this proces I kept thinking of the possible user interactions with the website, to make the website come alive,

Fontys Pulsed image grid of students and teachers in action