Motion design
iOS App development
User Research
User Experience design

Duco - Orientation Phase

This internship was at the Digital Design Agency OWOW, they had a project from the company Duco to make an app for their new technology that is in people's homes.

This is the goal I set for my project:
"Find a way to implement gamification into the Duco app, to increase the engagement that users have with it and to increase the awareness of the value that Duco offers with their installed system."
Here you can see some pictures I took in the middle of my work process.
Duco - concept sketchDuco - workshop overview

Duco - User Research & Prototyping

In this project I worked on a wide range of disciplines, showing the versatility that I possess.
  1. I carried out research into gamification by reading papers, books and articles on the subject and using this knowledge to analyse apps on the gamification elements that were used.
  2. This research in combination with involving the user during the process helped me create ideas for gamification elements in the app. I involved them by performing User Interviews, Usertests and Co-Creation workshops.
  3. During the process I designed screens, created prototypes & developed prototypes to better the product. I collected my performed research in an Advisory Report that I gave to my company OWOW to be used to better the product of Duco.
Duco -  flyer outsideDuco - flyer inside

Duco - App creation & end product

A part of the final product that I am able to show. I coded in the Xcode program with the Swift language. A first time for me, but I managed to implement the animation onboarding into the app.