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Spot ON | 040

Branding - Development

A dutch initiative to activate  kids in the city of Eindhoven. The people leading this voluntary initiative can no longer look the other way. They want to give the kids the tools they need to reach their full potential.


Fontys | Edex

UI Design - Development - Logo Design

This redesign project had such a short timeframe in which it was to be completed. It provided me with quite the challenge and I challenged myself even more by setting out to complete the project even sooner than the deadline that was set. Making both the owner of the website and myself thrilled with the efficiency.


Fontys | Pulsed

Interaction Design - Motion Design - Development

I have built the newly redesigned website of Fontys Pulsed, an exciting and innovative educational movement. The result is really something. I am so proud of it that words can't do it much justice. My suggestion is to go and have a look yourself.


Withlocals - Graphic work

Illustration - Graphic Design

Here I got the assignment to create a big pattern with illustrated objects to be used as is shown in the mockups. I started with sketching a lot of different objects and then recreating them in Adobe Illustrator. The pattern can be duplicated up, down, left & right and will fit into eachother.


Withlocals - Tour Creation

UX & UI Design - UX Research

During this project I created multiple prototypes, which I tested with people who would be using it in our company and with users of our platform from across the globe. They came from Thailand, Turkey, Korea & Italy.



UX & UI Design - UX Research - Motion Design

This internship was at the Digital Design Agency OWOW, they had a project from the company Duco to make an app for their new technology that is in people's homes. The goal for my project was to find out if gamification could increase the engagement to the app and how this would look.



Illustration - Motion Design

For this company we needed to create visuals that helped explain certain processes the company were doing. People needed to more easily understand them.



Motion Design - UI Design

For this project I was tasked to create moving elements, to showcase how the program works. The work can be seen below and on their website Pitchy.


Red Shed Gathering


This is the student company me and 3 other students made for our minor where worked on 3 projects together each at a different company. Each one of us had our own unique specialties. As the only designer I worked on all of the visual aspects of projects, including branding for our company.


Orbit Studios

Branding - Design - Development

Together with 20 other students I got the task of creating a company. This student company ended up being Orbit Studios where I took the lead in the branding of the company.



Branding - UX design - Development

During this minor my team made a fully working application that improved the life of people working in offices who sit behind their computers. The application's first version measured the posture, emotional state and stress levels. This was all done with the use of image recognition f


Withlocals - Internship

UX Design - UX Research - Graphic Design

At Withlocals I lost my internship-virginity, it was my first time. On a more serious note, this was a Design internship where I worked on smaller day to day tasks like tweaking newsletters, documents & posters to bigger things like designing for the Withlocals website & app.


Colorblindness Simulator


This is the first project where my sole focus was coding. With this project I wanted to make a website for designers to upload the designs they made unto this website, so they would know how the designs are seen by people with colorblindness.


Side projects

Branding - Design - Development

Here you can see a bunch of projects that I have worked on as a side hustle.